YouTube is testing a new video page on mobile and web


Over the past few weeks, YouTube has been slowly rolling out a new video page that changes several elements and, most notably, unifies the design across Android, iOS, and the web.

The highlight of this redesign is the use of pill-shaped buttons for key elements. For example, instead of being two separate buttons, thumbs up/down and like number are housed in one container. Sharing, creating (short films), uploading, and other things you interact with frequently get the same treatment.

Meanwhile, this carousel (on mobile) is now found under channel details, with that information coming after the video title, number of views, post date and hashtags.

This new design could also coincide with “ambient mode” which allows the bottom of a video to bleed into the description section and system tray for a more immersive experience. Luckily this can be optionally enabled/disabled from the overflow menu.

Another key change with this redesign places the top commentary in a more prominent container that really stands out on screen. This technique could ultimately prove effective in getting people to engage more.

Things are slightly different on desk with the description of the video that triggers the visual appeal, something creators should benefit from.

This redesign has been slowly appearing for more users in recent weeks, but is not yet widely rolled out. However, that seems to be the direction YouTube is going with its new video page. The current look is from 2020.

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