You’ll Hate Google Chrome After Trying These Faster, More Secure Browsers


One of the main reasons why a large number of users choose to use this software from the giant research, is that it adapts perfectly to the firm’s other platforms. This means that we can use other Google Chrome services in the fastest and easiest way. In addition, it puts at our disposal a large number of additional extensions that we can install to get the most out of the software.

For some time, the application has more than 70% of market penetration, Which is not little. Therefore, the rest of the competitors are very far from having reached the use of this alternative to move on the Internet. But as we told you before, that doesn’t mean that Google Chrome is the best, or the safest, or the fastest. In fact, it may be that if we take the trouble to try other alternatives of this software sector, we would be pleasantly surprised. With these we understand that there are other browsers that can give us a better experience, both in operation and in security.

But as it is often said, what is known is better than what is known to be good, something that extends to the software world, something that is not always recommended. Then we will talk about some other browsers it might be worth the chance to see firsthand if it improves our internet experience.

Other browsers that are safer and faster than Chrome

To give you a rough idea of ​​what we are telling you, a clear example of all of this is in the browser called Brave. Saying that it is a Chromium-based proposal compatible with current Internet platforms. It was developed by a former worker from MozillaCommentOwner of firefox, and is characterized by its lightness and safety. In fact, its operation is focused on maintaining our privacy. Thus, it blocks fingerprints, scripts and cookies by default.

We find something similar with the popular for years, Opera. Although in the past there was a time when this browser was rejected by many users, it is still a very interesting option. It offers us a high degree of confidentiality and security with specific functions such as your own VPN. Also, many users want to draw attention to its customizable user interface and smooth operation.

In these lines we also want to mention the proposal to move the Internet more private, even if in this case it affects its fluidity of operation. But those who want to take care of their security and privacy the most while browsing should take a look at Tor. Belonging to the project of the same name, it is undoubtedly the most secure and private proposal you can use, quite the opposite of what happens with Chrome.

This makes third party tracking very complicated, it does not save the user anything, it does not track our registrationDelete the cookies automatically, and anything you can imagine to fulfill its purpose.


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