You’ll Forget Chrome After Hearing About Samsung’s Own Web Explorer


Google is a big tech giant that has a monopoly on different services like web browser and YouTube video surfing app. There have been several times when Google has discontinued or dropped different tech companies from their services. Huawei is a well-known example of the devastating effect of its monopoly. Huawei has tackled this problem by developing its own web browser and application store. But if you are not a Samsung user then you might not know that Samsung also offers its user Samsung web explorer. This web browser is installed by default on all Samsung phones. If you haven’t used it, you will learn a lot about it in this article.

Samsung’s strategy

Samsung is a big tech giant that has expanded into every service possible. Now, Samsung needs to provide easy access to all the services it provides in different dimensions. Any third party app or website would surely have loaded it with pounds of money. So it came with its own browser app which has some super cool features for the users. It was basically designed to reduce the distance between users and various Samsung services.

Samsung Browser App Features

Incognito mode updated.

Safe search is synonymous with incognito mode. The mode that prevents your searches from appearing in history and websites to track your activity. It can be tedious to operate too. Samsung’s web browser comes with a secret mode that prevents your searches from showing up in the history and also prevents anyone else from accessing this security mode. No one else could see the tabs you have opened and used.

Security issue

You must have encountered unavoidable popups and websites that track your internet activity. You feel like someone is watching you closely and this can also pose a direct threat to your privacy. Although different apps and websites claim to prevent you from these things, it is still difficult to find a free one. Samsung web explorer comes with this secret mode feature that allows you to block all unwanted pop-ups and see all websites that track your internet activity.


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