Windows Server vNext Preview Build 25192 is now available


Microsoft has released a new version of Windows Server Insider Preview. Build 25192 is available for download as an ISO from the Windows Server Insider website along with a VHDX. Even though this uses the same underlying kernel as the development of the Windows 11 Dev build, as usual there’s no changelog to speak of, so it’s unclear what’s there. again in this version.

The Server brand has still not been updated and remains Windows Server 2022 in preview. Additionally, Microsoft is asking Insiders to refer to these builds as vNext rather than Windows Server 2022 which is already in the market.

There is only one known issue with this release that applies to the desktop experience:

In this release, the Windows taskbar has a known issue where it can get out of sync with visible windows on the desktop. If you encounter this problem, you can try using Alt-Tab to work around the problem and navigate through open windows. Restarting the system will bring the taskbar back into sync, although the issue may reoccur after some time.

Downloads available:

  • Overview of Windows Server VNext in ISO format in 18 languages,
    and in VHDX format in English only.
  • Windows Server Preview VNext VHDX
  • Overview of Microsoft Server languages ​​and optional features
  • Windows 2110.2 Admin Center Preview

Keys are only valid for preview builds:

  • Server standard: MFY9F-XBN2F-TYFMP-CCV49-RMYVH
  • Data center: 2KNJJ-33Y9H-2GXGX-KMQWH-G6H67

To download, registered Insiders can visit the Windows Server Insider Preview download page here. You can also visit the Getting started with the server page here on the Windows Insider portal for business to register for the Windows Insider program if you are not already registered.

The expiration date for this release has been updated to expire September 15, 2023.

build 25192 screenshots

Microsoft also asks server administrators to also review Windows Server vNext Datacenter: Azure Edition on the Microsoft Server Operating Systems Preview offering on Azure. For more information, you can see the following link for Azure Automanage on Microsoft Docs.

You can download the ISO or VHDX here, and the official announcement here.


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