Tornado Cash Discord Server removed: End of service?


Ethereum [ETH] network prepares its transition to proof of stake [PoS] with the merger. Meanwhile, Tornado Cash, a crypto mixing service based on the Ethereum blockchain has become the talk of the town. However, it was not for the right reasons. From the sanctions imposed by the United States government to the Dutch authorities who arrested an alleged developer of the project, it was hit by a tornado. Just when the community thought things couldn’t get any worse, the platform’s Discord server was taken down.

A plethora of tweets noting that the Tornado Cash Discord server has been taken down have started to surface. It should be noted that this did not surprise the community. Several have noted that the invite to the Tornado Cash Discord server no longer works.


Earlier today, Dutch authorities claimed that a developer behind the project had been arrested. The promoter was presented before the examining magistrate.

Tornado Cash website is offline

At present, the platform seems to have kept its Telegram account. However, through this account, Tornado Cash claimed that their website was now offline. Elaborating on the reason for his move, the crypto mixing service said,

“Due to the recent blacklisting of our website by the US Treasury Department. Most people will have difficulty accessing our website as it has been taken down and all access has been closed.

Tornado Cash received immense attention after reports of money laundering took center stage. The hackers used the platform to conceal their transactions. It was even revealed that over $455 million was laundered on the network by the Lazarus Group. North Korea’s presence on the platform was increasingly high. The latest set of developments could certainly impact hackers in this region.

On top of that, it should be noted that the crypto mixer had laundered $7 billion worth of cryptocurrencies.


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