The new Google Messages icon is making its way to the web version


Last week, Google announced a ton of new features and refreshed iconography for the Google Messages app. This new icon has already made its way to the Android Messages app beta and on Wear OShowever, there was one other place where the app is used that hadn’t yet been updated to the new icon – the web.

Fortunately, as spotted by 9to5Google, the update of the web version of Messages is now live. Not only is it visible when you access as the site’s faviconbut also when trying to install the Chrome PWA and on the computer’s taskbar or dock. In addition, there is a very short homepage which loads when you first open the app or reload the page, although 9to5 has found that it only shows up if you’ve chosen to “Remember this computer” in the app settings. Additionally, you may need to reinstall the web app on your desktop devices for the new icon to appear.

New Messages app iconography appearing in homepage, favicon, pwa install prompt and app icon

Meanwhile, not all android users have the updated icon, especially those who are not enrolled in the Messages app beta program. It’s nice to see Google going ahead and updating the icon on the web version of their apps, so we don’t have icon lag between platforms. Some users expressed strong dislike for the new icon, including yours truly when it was first unveiled, however, it’s starting to grow on me. It looks really nice with the Material You theme on Pixels.


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