SnapChat finally offers a version accessible from browsers, we no longer believed it

SnapChat is full of new features. One of the most significant is the launch of the web version of the famous photo and video sharing application.

Messaging and video chat from Snapchat were already available in browsers for a few months. The feature was only available to SnapChat Plus subscribers, a paid service that opened in June 2022. SnapChat claims that already one million customers have taken the plunge and are paying. €3.99 per month.

Snap has listened to its users’ feedback and granted their wish (and replaces its competitors against TikTok and instagram, which are already accessible from a browser). SnapChat for web is now accessible to all and free. Just go to and enter your credentials. Keep your phone handy, as two-step verification is required to confirm authentication. Although the application is primarily intended for mobile users, having the application on the screen of your computer offers many advantages, especially if you are a heavy user of the platform: a larger screen, the possibility of using the keyboard to write your messages. And above all, no need to take out your smartphone at the slightest notification.

By offering a web version, SnapChat returns to the level of TikTok and Instagram

SnapChat’s interface for the web is very spartan, but the gist is there. And the features of the mobile version are implemented. Enable video recording (ten filters are offered) or make a call, send a snap or a message, everything is possible in one click, and that’s the most important thing. As on mobile, the messages will be erased after 24 hours. The company also reminds its users that the same security precautions should apply to the web version as to the mobile version: do not send a compromising message or snap, because any malicious user can take a screenshot . Plus, it’s even easier on a computer.

Among the other novelties, we note that Snap is celebrating the arrival of iOS 16 with dignity. The social network engineers are not idle since they already offer us widgets to use on the iPhone 14 lock screen It is thus possible to create a shortcut to our most active conversations. The “Question” thumbnails will allow to organize AMA sessions in their Stories. According to a Snap official, more functions will be added to the internet version of the app if it is successful enough.

Source: Snap Inc.


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