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Tower of Fantasy’s global release time is finally just hours away, and the game has already reached over 4 million pre-registered players.

The action RPG is expected to be a refreshing take on the genre and will take players into a postmodern world with amazing characters and a gripping story.

Join us as we count down Tower of Fantasy’s release time while explaining how to preload the game, its file size, and all the latest news before launch.

Tower of Fantasy release time and date

We can expect Tower of Fantasy to launch globally on Wednesday August 102022, at 7 p.m. local time.

Follow our timer below.

Tower of Fantasy release date (North America)


Tower of Fantasy preload information

Players of all platforms can start downloading files from the game, so they can get into the game as soon as it launches.

The preload option is available now. While players wait for release, they can adjust their settings and start creating their characters. Although access to the game is only granted after the official launch of Tower of Fantasy.

How to preload Tower of Fantasy

Pre-download and global launch will be available on official PC, iOS and Android platforms.

Here are the three ways to download the game:

  • Download from official platforms – iOS: App Store, Android: Google Play.
    • Tower of Fantasy is not available on Steam or the Epic Game Store at this time.
  • Visit the download page of the official site and select your platform, and you will be redirected.
  • Click the link in the announcements on site or by email from Tower of Fantasy.

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Fantasy Tower File Size

Players interested in playing Tower of Fantasy will need at least 12 GB of storage space on mobile devices and 22 GB on PC.

Tower of Fantasy will allow saving across multiple platforms, characters, progress, resources and purchases on any platform will be shared across all other platforms.

However, many servers are available in different regions and character information is not shared between servers.

Tower of Fantasy pre-registration rewards

Hotta Studio has added two additional tiers of rewards to celebrate the massive fan response. Fortunately, the rewards will be available to all players even if you haven’t pre-registered.

The pre-registration milestone reward can be claimed within 180 days of the official launch.


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