Ragnarok Online Launches New Freya World Server, “Illusion Of Luanda” Balancing Patch And Level Booster Event


Ragnarok Online will launch a brand new server today after 20 years of service called “Freya”, which works alongside the existing “Chaos” and “Thor” servers. WarpPortal will also launch an “Illusion of Luanda” balance patch and Booster event allowing players to jump into Freya and start leveling up quickly.

According to the developers, the introduction of Freya will help maintain their “commitment to the community” and provide “a huge amount of updates for the plates” worldwide. The hope is that Freya will complete the long-running Chaos and Thor servers as well. Players joining Freya will get a fresh start with a level booster package and a Booster event will continue until the end of 2022.

Marketed as “OR’s biggest balance patch”, Illusion of Luanda raises the level cap to 185 for extended classes, introduces improvements to many jobs like Warlock and Genetic, new types of advanced potions and more. Again. Fans can find brief patch notes on the RO website.

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones, news editor
Anthony Jones is a video game journalist and late 90s kid who loves retro games and the evolution of modern gaming. He started at Mega Visions as a reporter covering the latest announcements, rumors, and fan-made projects. FFXIV has its heart in the MMORPG scene, but it’s still happy to analyze and waste hours in ambitious and ambiguous MMOs that players follow.

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