Night social media browsers increase in Hyderabad


Posted: Date Posted – 3:58 PM, Wed – 6 Apr 22

Hyderabad: Going to bed early and getting up early seems to be the mantra for most Hyderabadis, although the city is also home to the largest share of late-night social media browsers, a study reveals.’s Great Indian Sleep Scorecard for 2022 has revealed that the Hyderabad figures present a bittersweet story about people’s sleeping habits.

On a good note, Hyderabad has the highest number of early risers (15%) compared to other metropolitan cities, but it is home to the highest share of late night social media browsers (41%). This lifestyle seems to have affected people’s daily activities, as 49% of respondents reported being sleepy during working hours.

The phone seems to be the priority for the majority of people with 87% of respondents saying they used their phone just before going to bed. The number of respondents who fear they suffer from insomnia has also increased by 32% since last year.

The city has seen a 45% increase in the number of people going to bed before 10 p.m. compared to last year. Despite using the phone before bedtime, a surprising 67% still say they wake up feeling refreshed after waking up in the morning.

Social media, night work culture and the pandemic are the biggest sleep deterrents for Hyderabadis with a 16% increase in the number of respondents who stayed up late on social media over the year last.

However, the study found that social media was not the only factor impairing sleep, as 28% of people reportedly stayed up late worrying about their post-pandemic future. Additionally, 40% said their job required them to stay up late at night, and IT professionals seem to suffer significantly from this unbalanced work-sleep cycle compared to other professionals, as 53% of respondents were in the IT industry. .


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