Lord of the Rings Online’s first legendary server, Anor, shuts down today


The Lord of the Rings Online says goodbye to its first legendary server. Anor, which was launched as a way for players to relive LotRO’s progression over the years, is closing today, and players with characters on the server can transfer to another server until the end of the year.

Anor opened in 2018 and has progressed with every expansion and major update since then in order. Players were able to essentially relive the original progression of LotRO, although it’s not a classic 1v1 experience like other MMOs offer. Anor, when launched, was so popular that it spawned the creation of a second server, Ithil, which shut down in 2021.

Since the launch of the Anor and Ithil servers, LotRO saw two more progression servers enter the MMO: Treebeard and Shadowfax, each with progression to match their namesake: slower and faster progression, respectively.

Anor closes its doors today, and with it the era of the original legendary worlds goes with it into the night. Players have the option to transfer their characters out of the world for free by December 31 this year, which will then see a full character data wipe. The Lord of the Rings online The website has a handy FAQ for those still looking for information regarding the shutdown, namely transfer information, as well as how character and kin names will work when moving to a new server.

The Lord of the Rings online also recently announced its next mini expansion, Before the shadowwhich aims to bring a new player experience to the MMO with a revamped leveling experience from 1 to 32. While the new leveling track does not replace the stories and quests from the original Epic Books, Before the shadow adds four new books to research, as well as a new six-player instance and skirmishes for high-level characters.


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