Lord Of The Rings Online Server Issues (Unable To Connect) Recognized


Set in JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth, Lords of the Rings Online is a popular multiplayer RPG that launched in April 2007. It’s available on Windows and macOS.

LOTRO has millions of players worldwide and if there is a problem with the game, those millions are affected.

That said, many Lord Of The Rings Online players are now reporting (1, 2) issues with the game that render it unplayable.

Players cannot enter the game due to server issues. Additionally, they receive error messages such as “Failed to read authentication response” and “Required configuration value missing”.

Here are some reports for reference:

I’m trying to reinstall LOTRO and login. After entering UN & PW, I get the following error: Unable to read authentication response [err. unexpected end of file][line: 1][col:1] Any help here would be great. (Source)

I just tried to log in and got this error message. Should I now repair the game and download all files? Then I get the second authentication response message (err.unexpected end of files) (line 1) (col 1 ) What’s going on? (Source)

However, it looks like the servers are being intentionally down right now. Support had previously notified players of a downtime on Twitter.

Additionally, they are currently working on reopening the game worlds. Here is the full statement.

We are currently working on reopening the game worlds, and hope to be able to reopen the worlds tomorrow morning (Thursday, April 21 Eastern Daylight Time). We will have more information in about 12 hours. #LOTRO (Source)

We hope the developers fix this as soon as possible as players cannot play LOTRO.

Rest assured that we are keeping tabs on all related developments and will update this story with relevant information as we come across it. Until then, stay tuned to Piunikaweb.

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