Kakapo Systems launches Unity Supervisor Web


Kakapo Systems, developer of CCaaS applications for the Cisco© BroadSoft© platform, announces the launch of Unity Supervisor Web. For the first time, this makes the full capability of Unity Supervisor available across all major browsers on Windows and Mac devices.

Unity Supervisor Web is designed to meet the operational management requirements of call center team leaders and line managers by providing in-depth insight into call patterns and volumes. Key features allow the supervisor to listen where agents have requested help, promote VIP callers to the top of the queue, and reassign agents to busy queues based on call volumes. calls. As such, Unity Supervisor Web is an essential tool for maximizing agent productivity and customer service.

Steve Tutt, Sales Manager at Kakapo Systems, says, “Supervisor Web is designed to help SMBs manage peak demand scenarios by intelligently juggling queue and agent resources. As a browser-based application, this allows for simplified configuration and ongoing support for service provider customers and their end users.”

Unity Supervisor Web App is a robust and intelligent management tool suitable for call centers of all sizes. It will display metrics for agent and queue call volumes with configurable threshold alerts. Supervisor Web provides extensive options such as Silent Monitoring and Break In, to review and support agents, as well as real-time analytics to ensure a supervisor can maximize the efficiency of their call center and of its officers. Other advanced features allow previously abandoned callers to escalate the queue and supervisors to respond immediately when an agent has escalated a call and needs assistance. As a 100% cloud application, Unity Supervisor Web can scale without limits.

Unity Supervisor Web is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari browsers and is in general release in all markets.

Visit https://www.kakaposystems.com/unity-supervisor-web/ for more information or to access trial licenses.

About Kakapo Systems

Unity applications for Cisco BroadSoft include Agent, Supervisor and Dashboard interfaces for the Cisco BroadSoft ACD solution and Desktop, Reception, Call Center and Unity Mobile to complete the Cisco BroadSoft Hosted PBX offer and thus adapt to the range of customer use cases. . By providing deep integration with Cisco BroadSoft system functionality in a rich, intuitive interface, Unity adds value to BroadSoft vendor go-to-market offerings and their customer workflows.

For more information, visit www.kakaposystems.com


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