Instagram updates its web interface to take advantage of large screens • TechCrunch


If you’ve used Instagram on your desktop system, you know it looks like a poorly made copy of its mobile website. The company is now introducing a refreshed design that takes advantage of large screens.

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri made the announcement through a post on Tuesday, along with a feature for business accounts to schedule their posts.

“We know a lot of people use the web to multi-task and we wanted to make sure Instagram was as enjoyable an online experience as possible,” he said. He added that this new design is cleaner, faster and easier to use.

The new design moves menus and icons like home, search, messages and notifications to a side panel. Additionally, the explore/search page displays a full grid covering the entire monitor. The new sidebar expands and collapses depending on what screen you’re on.

In the old web design, when you opened a profile, options like posts, guides, reels, and tags were hosted at the top of the grid. So if you wanted to switch to another tab, you had to scroll up wherever you were. The new design solves this problem by moving these options to the side.

This redesign – rolling out slowly for users – will make it easier to use Instagram on large screens while switching between different tabs.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been waiting for an Instagram app for the iPad, it’s not coming anytime soon. Earlier this year, Mosseri noted that the iPad app is “not big enough” to make it a development priority.

Earlier this month, Instagram announced that it would soon allow select creators to create and sell NFTs directly within the app.


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