Instagram on the web has been redesigned for large screens


After finally allowing posting last year, Instagram continues to make changes to its desktop web app. The latest update introduces a refreshed user interface that takes better advantage of large screens rather than looking like a larger version of the mobile app, Tech Crunch reported.

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announcement updating with the new in-app scheduler revealed yesterday. “We know a lot of people use the web to multi-task and we wanted to make sure Instagram was as enjoyable an online experience as possible,” he said in a video. “So it’s cleaner, faster and easier to use, and it’s now designed to take advantage of large-screen monitors.”

Instagram on the web has been redesigned for large screens

As noted above, the Home, Search, Explore, Messages, and Notification menus have been moved to a new side rail that shrinks to icons based on screen size. Stories are displayed at the top, while your profile, suggestions, and more are displayed on the right. When selecting a menu option, the left menu bar remains, making navigation faster and easier.

The new interface makes it easier to use Instagram on the web, but there’s still no sign of a dedicated iPad app, as 9to5Mac Remarks. Earlier this year, Mosseri said the iPad was “not big enoughto make a dedicated Instagram app a priority. Now, at least, you can use the web version instead to get a better experience.


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