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Instagram is also reportedly working on adding ads settings to the platform’s website interface, reports Alessandro Paluzzi.

Ads is basically a sub-menu of settings in Instagram where users can control how their data is used by the social media in terms of ads. Of course, it should also be noted that when I say control, what I mean is very, very slightly affect its use. Instagram makes it clear on screen: users can’t control the number of ads they receive, and they can only control to a certain extent how their data is used. Here, there is not much apart from the collective awareness that in the endless march of information we are only cogs. Instagram, of course, makes it clear that it will never sell user data. It also explicitly states that the user data it uses for the purpose of generating targeted advertisements is often collected from advertisers and platform partners. It is such a pedantic correction; I’m sorry, we don’t process user data, we just activate and collaborate with people who do. There is absolutely no guilt on our part, you just have to deal with it.

The only thing users can really control is simply whether or not they want to see targeted ads. If a user has an Instagram account, or has even linked multiple accounts together, they can switch between targeted ads from the same submenu. It’s funny that Instagram is considering letting users choose whether or not they can see targeted ads as a serious, user-facing feature. It’s the equivalent of charging someone an irrevocable daily visit fee and telling them that entry and exit are optional.

So what are the benefits of adding this sub-menu to the web version of the platform? Well, I guess that’s a nice addition in the sense that any form of data user control, no matter how microscopic, should be available across all interfaces and platforms. However, with hardly anyone using Instagram’s website, the gesture rings rather hollow. Then again, this whole masquerade has the structural integrity of hot jelly.

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