How to Use Shazam’s Chrome Extension to Identify Songs on the Web 2022 Tip


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Check out how to use Shazam’s Chrome extension to identify songs on the web

Imagine you are watching a YouTube video tutorial from your favorite YouTube channel on your computer and there is a song playing in the background that you find interesting and would like to know the title of. Or you are watching a movie on Netflix, also on your computer, and you want to know the titles of the songs playing in the background. The ideal thing you could do here would be to grab your smartphone and play the song “Shazam”, right?

But imagine your smartphone is away from you or you are using earphones, what do you do then? This is where the Shazam Chrome extension comes in. Apparently Apple quietly released Shazam as an extension on the Chrome Web Store in December 2021. The Chrome extension identifies what is playing in your computer’s browser . on Netflix, YouTube videos, a Soundcloud mix or in a video game streamed from Twitch. But unfortunately, we learn that it still does not work for all users.

Apple Music integration is also supported, so you can play full songs as long as you have an Apple Music subscription. Finally, this extension can also provide you with lyrics, show you music videos and much more.

How to Use the Shazam Chrome Extension to Identify Songs on the Web

Shazam extension for Google Chrome

The music recognizer app is now available for all Chromium browsers, which means you can use it in Vivaldi, Brave, Edge, and more. You no longer need to rely on iOS or Android apps to identify music. Instead, the app will analyze the music and identify its tracks behind the scenes in your browser.

Identify Songs Using Shazam Chrome Extension

Follow the steps below to install and use the Shazam Chrome extension.

  • Open the Google Chrome web store.
  • Go to the Shazam extension page.
  • Click “Add to Chrome”.
  • Select “Add Extension” from the pop-up message.

The above step will start the installation process, after which you can pin the extension to the toolbar. Once you have successfully installed the extension, you can connect it to Apple Music to browse and save any music. Now let’s move on to identifying songs online using Shazam.

  • Open the music playback tab in your browser.
  • Click on the Shazam icon.

A big Shazam button will appear to confirm.

  • Click the button to start the music identification process.
  • Shazam will save all songs identified in the “Shazams” section, which you can access by clicking on the extension icon.

A drop-down menu will display your entire song history with the most recently identified song at the top.

Final Words: How to Use Shazam’s Chrome Extension to Identify Songs on the Web

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