How to Create a Customizable Fitness Interface in iOS 16


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Staying active can be a tough task to master, but in iOS 16 Apple lets you create the ultimate fitness-based customization layout across all your devices to help you stay on track. Here’s how.

You can have different focus modes for different assets – such as work, fitness, etc. – and Apple now lets you set your wallpaper not just on your iPhone, but also on your Apple Watch, to match whatever focus mode you have active. . These options now allow you to give your device a distinct look while also allowing you to be presented with specific information when activating a certain mode.

Before setting up a customizable fitness interface

Before you get into the customization aspect of your Fitness Focus mode, you want to make sure that the changes will be synced across all your devices once activated. Here’s how.

  1. Go in Settings
  2. Select “To concentrate”
  3. Under all the focus modes you have created, navigate to “Share across multiple devices”
  4. Change this option ON

By enabling this option, all your devices will seamlessly switch to the focus mode you have enabled. This will allow you to have a smooth experience across all your devices when you want to view only specific information in a certain focus mode.

How to Set a Fitness-Based iPhone Focus Background

Before setting everything up and connecting them to be able to activate automatically when starting a workout, you must configure your Fitness Lock Screen.

Here’s how to set up your lock screen to set it up for your workout needs.

  1. Hold down the lock screen until you enter Personalization mode for that
  2. Tap the plus sign at the bottom right of the screen, or swipe to the end of your lock screen selections and tap “Add new”
  3. Select the photo and text font you want to highlight when you practice
  4. Faucet “Add Widgets” under the clock to get a variety of widgets to choose from. Since this wallpaper will correspond to the Fitness Focus mode, adding the activity widgets would be ideal.
  5. Select “Do” when you are done creating your wallpaper.

There are two ways to connect your wallpaper to Fitness Focus mode.

  1. Open the Customizing the lock screen menu
  2. Press on “To concentrate” under the wallpaper you want to set
  3. Select “Aptitude” to set this background when you start this focus mode
  1. Go in Settings and select To concentrate
  2. Faucet “Aptitude”
  3. Then press “Picking out” under the iPhone icon in the Customize screens section
  4. Select the background you created and it will be set to focus mode

Now that your lock screen is set up, it will be able to give you important information at a glance through the widgets you have selected and feed you with the background you have decided to promote during your workouts.

When you complete your desired workout, Focus Mode will automatically turn off and switch to your neutral lock screen which is set when no Focus Mode is active.

How to set a fitness-based home screen

Although the lock screen is the screen you can look at most (to see the time or your progress on your activity rings), the home screen can also be set and customized specifically for the mode of focus on fitness.

You can select the current home screen(s) you’re using (or the ones you’ve hidden) or select from the predefined ones your device offers when you choose. This is how you can select certain home screens to set.

  1. Go in Settings and select To concentrate
  2. Select Aptitude from the list of focus modes you have created
  3. Select “Picking out” under the Homepage the icon (the middle icon) under the icon Customize screenssection
  4. Select the home screen(s) you want to set when the fitness focus mode is on
  5. Select “Do” top right when finished

Three different screens that you can customize

Once complete, only the home screens you selected will be available in Fitness Focus mode.

Depending on the widgets and apps you have on the home screen, it’s never been easier to be able to enter, track and view your fitness metrics. It can help push you further to achieve your goals and stay on top of your fitness journey.

You can change and customize what is displayed on the home screen(s) at any time, even when focus mode is active.

How to Set an Apple Watch Focus Background Based on Fitness

The Apple Watch is the best companion to have with the iPhone during your workouts. Using your Apple Watch to record your workouts will automatically turn on Fitness Focus mode.

Before you start your workout(s), be sure to set up the watch face and compilations you prefer to set during your workout(s). Here’s how to select and adjust your watch face.

  1. Go into the Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Select “Face Gallery” bottom middle of the screen
  3. Select the face watch you want to set during a workout (Activity section is primarily the best face for workouts. Nike+ watch faces are also available with watchOS 9).
  4. Configure your watch face with the compilations you want to display (depending on the number of complications you can add, the display of the progress of your activity rings, your heart rate and any other fitness features you you have synchronized on your watch may be the most ideal).
  5. Go in Settings and select “Focus”
  6. Tap the Formatting
  7. Below Customize screensselect “Picking out” under the Apple Watch icon (the last one on the right)
  8. Select the dial you just created (this will be the last dial in the list)

Switch between Apple Watch faces

Now that you’ve selected the watch face you want to set when training, your Apple Watch will automatically switch to that face when you start training.

When you complete the workout, focus mode turns off and your original watch face is set.

Stay active, close your rings

Staying active and on top of your health isn’t always the easiest task to do, but with the help of the iPhone, Apple Watch, and – most importantly – Focus Mode, it makes it so much easier. and more intuitive.

Being able to focus on one category of your life makes it easier for you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself while you’re there. Fitness Focus mode combined with the custom and personalized Apple Watch lock screen, home screen and watch face that you have created and chosen can help you achieve the goals you may have fixed. It really is a game changer and a great tool to use.

iOS 16 and watchOS 9 will be available on September 12, 2022.


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