Home browsers surprised by revolting note found in £295,000 house


HOUSE-BROWSERS have been surprised after spotting a bizarre and revolting note in one of the rooms of a £295,000 house for sale.

The eight-bedroom home in Spalding, Lincolnshire has caught the attention of house hunters for more than one reason.

Included with dozens of images from inside the property, a snap of the property’s laundry room caused a stir.

The note was found in the laundry room of the house. 1 credit

Next to a washing machine and dryer, a typewritten note above the sink reads: ‘Please stop pouring your urine into (sic) the sink .”

The terraced goods also come with two master bathrooms and four bathrooms so most renters won’t have to wait too long to access the facilities.

The four-storey property, which is being sold with tenants on site, has been on sale for the past year and has even been priced down to £295,000 to entice buyers.

However, online browsers remained curious about the poster’s story after the images were shared on social media yesterday.

Some have speculated that the property could be a multiple occupancy home (HMO) and that could be the reasoning behind the questionable practice.

One viewer said, “I’m not sure I want to know what this panel is about.”

Another said: ‘Why didn’t anyone think it was a good idea to remove that sign before taking the pic.’

A third said: ‘I guess HMO not enough toilets, residents use a pee bottle and empty it down the sink.’

The property has a large kitchen
The property includes this large kitchen which is perfect for entertaining. 1 credit

While one person added: ‘Looks like the tenants asked the landlord to renovate so they’re selling instead.’

The property is being sold at auction with an indicative price of £295,000.

Estate agent William H Brown describes the property as an “investment opportunity”, adding: “Overlooking the River Welland, this mid-18th century terraced property is located within walking distance of the town centre.

“The property offers eight bedrooms on four floors including two in the basement, three on the first with two suites and a bathroom and three other bedrooms on the second floor plus two suites and another bathroom while the kitchen, living room dining room and a bathroom occupy the ground floor.

The average price of a property in Spalding is £216,478, according to recent data from Rightmove.


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