Home browsers dotted by poorly photoshopped property images – showing cruise liner heading for apartments


HOME BROWSERS have been left behind after spotting poorly photoshopped images on a property listing which appear to show a huge cruise liner aiming at the block of flats.

Brilliant images of the new £413,000 flat in Brighton, East Sussex, show an immaculate, modern digitally styled living room with a white cruiser looming dangerously close.

Another image shows a whitewashed bedroom with stunning views of the coastal town ride.

Photoshop view of Brighton cruise liner apartment in the ocean. Credits: Rightmove.

However, a different mockup image appears to show a balcony view of the sea being much further up the road.

The hilarious Photoshop failure was spotted by a Twitter user and posted to the social media site last week, captioned: “Dying to simulate the sight of this apartment.”

He later added, “Just imagine someone slowly putting down the newspaper as a cruise ship’s horn blared 500 yards away.”

Dozens of humorous social media users commented on the post.

One of them said, “Name and shame! Which real estate agent uploaded this? »

Another wrote: “Surely this must be fake. The advertisement?

A third commented: “It’s criminal!”

A fourth added: “Rightmove this ad from @NPGinvest is a total sham.”

The property listing, which was posted to Rightmove by North Property Group, has since been removed from the site.


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