Google Messages web app will now respect your eyes at night with ‘System default’ update


Google’s Messages web app is pretty basic and compared to its Android app counterpart, it’s more utilitarian in nature, but it gets the job done in a pinch. Once the company added a dark mode, I was ecstatic! It can be activated by choosing the setting in the vertical three-dot “more” menu.

However, changing the system theme on your Chromebook or Windows machine as a whole will never automatically tell your PWA messages to do the same. Everything has changed now, and after visiting the Settings section, I discovered that Google had quietly implemented not only a new user interface for light and dark modes, but also a “System default” option that will allow the website to automate the process based on your operating system settings.

Additionally, a new “High Contrast” mode has been added for accessibility. Although I won’t be using this one, I can see it being useful for those who have difficulty seeing and differentiating between items on screen due to their color or saturation.

The closer we get to having “System Default” options available in all Google web apps, the closer we get to a unified visual experience. I’m so sick of Gmail and Calendar being the only bright white lights in the room at night while the rest of my apps and websites and pretty much every other on-screen element respects my preference for having less unnecessary eye pain! I hope these major sites get this update soon, and it’s great to see that Messages is getting it in the meantime.


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