Google Chrome tops this list of most vulnerable browsers


According to a recent report, Google Chrome is the most vulnerable browser of all major players. Chrome also happens to be the most popular browser in the world, accounting for over 60% of usage according to most sources, which means more people are at risk until the bugs are out. corrected.

Every browser suffers from these security vulnerabilities from time to time, including the increasingly popular Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, but Chrome had a surprisingly high number of vulnerabilities in 2022. The vulnerability Atlas VPN Report summary of data found in VulDB Vulnerability Database. This year alone, 303 vulnerabilities have been detected in Google Chrome. Firefox came in far behind with 117, while 103 were found in Edge and only 26 in Safari.

Unfortunately, similar rankings appear when comparing these browsers for all time. Since the launch of Google Chrome, it has accumulated 3,159 vulnerabilities according to VulDB data, Firefox has 2,361, Safari takes third place with 1,239 and Edge has 806. It should be noted that Edge is a much larger browser. recent than others, so an all-time comparison isn’t necessarily fair.

In 2022 and all-time reports, a lesser-known browser, Opera, was surprisingly secure with no known vulnerabilities in 2022 and only 344 since its launch in 1995. That’s an average of less than 13 vulnerabilities each year over its 27 years at serve web pages to the 1%-2% of people who use this underrated browser worldwide.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should switch from Google Chrome to Opera. In fact, it is certainly possible that Google is more proactive in detecting and fixing problems than others, which results in better rankings. Google’s argument is that more vulnerabilities patched each is a sign of greater investment in browser security, as the company seeks to identify and fix more problems each year, not fewer.

Either way, it’s a good reminder of the websites you visit and to update your browser to avoid data loss and to help prevent viruses.

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