Fortnite down? Check server status and maintenance time


Are Fortnite servers down? Epic Games usually announces server maintenance, especially when a new season hits the servers, but sometimes this popular battle royale has unexpected issues. When an error message pops up on your screen and you can’t access your favorite game, we have all the details you need to know. In this guide, we will share with you the latest information about Fortnite server status, scheduled maintenance downtime and Fortnite outrage.

Are the Fortnite servers currently down? Check server status and maintenance time

Are the Fortnite servers currently down?

On September 17, 2022, players reported server issues, but the reason for this unexpected Fortnite outage was Amazon’s data center. This issue also affected the Epic Game Store and created issues with V-bucks.

According Fortified Status, official Twitter account, there is a scheduled shutdown of Fortnite on September 18, 2022. Servers will be shut down at 02:00 ET, 07:00 BST, 08:00 CET to prepare for the new season four Paradise. There’s no official announcement on how long the servers will be down for, but it’s usually a few hours at most.

How to check Fortnite server status and scheduled maintenance?

The best way to keep up to date with the status of Fortnite servers is – outside of this guide, of course – to check their official Epic Games Public Status site. Usually this is where developers post information about current issues, game services, connection issues, item stores and more. If you can’t find any relevant information there, your next stop is a DownDetector website. On this website, you can view real-time issues and outage monitoring.

As we mentioned before, Twitter usually shows news several days in advance. And, of course, you can always bookmark this page and check it periodically. We will always have it updated with the latest official information about maintenance and server outages. You can always leave a comment below and share your issues with the rest of the community.


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