FIFA 22 quick sell recovery not working on web app and companions


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The original story (published November 01, 2021) follows:

FIFA 22 is the latest installment in EA’s long-running FIFA franchise released on September 26. This video game comes with various upgrades over the previous edition.

However, it has not been a good start for FIFA 22 as many players have reported several types of bugs since its release.

We have seen reports of issues such as players unable to claim Prime game pack, missing squad battle players, game lagging or freezingand After.

And now a new problem has surfaced in the Quick Sell Recovery feature on FIFA 22. This feature allows players to recover FUT items that were previously rejected by the Quick Sell option.

This can be done through the Companion App or the FUT Web App. Players simply need to tap on the quick-sell recovery option, then select the date from the top menu bar that they quick-sold the item.

However, some players are to complain that they are getting an error while using the quick sale fetch feature.

Here are some reports for reference:

FIFA 22-Quick Sale-Recovery-Not Working

Hi guys, i have a big problem. I can’t use Quick Sale Recovery in Fifa 22 web app. I tried Chrome and Microsoft Edge. For some reason he can’t load it. Every time I press it: An error occurred while trying to load deleted items. Does anyone know a way to solve this problem? (Source)

@EAHelp, there seems to be a problem with the quick sell fetch feature in the web app and companion app for me. Whenever I click on it it says “an error occurred while trying to load deleted items”. Is there a solution to this? (fifa 22) (Source)

When trying to recover a Player Item using the Quick Sale Recovery feature, an error is displayed: “An error occurred while trying to load discarded items”.

fast recovery error message

As seen from the reports above, this issue is bothering players on the Companion Mobile App and the FUT Web App. Also, this looks like a widespread issue due to the numerous reports from affected FIFA 22 players.

Fortunately, EA has acknowledged this bug with the Quick Sale Recovery Tool and confirmed that it is currently being investigated. However, no ETA has been provided as to when exactly this issue will be fixed.

FIFA 22-Quick-Sell-Recovery-Not-Working-Issue-Acknowledged

Currently, there is no temporary workaround for this issue and those affected will have to wait for the game developers to fix it.

We will update this article as something new comes to us regarding the FIFA 22 quick sell recovery not working issue.

Update 1 (October 31, 2022)

1:02 p.m. (IST): FIFA 23 players are also reporting (1, 2, 3) the problem where quick sell recovery is not working for them.

Fortunately, EA Support has acknowledged this issue and confirmed that the team is currently investigating it.

Hey gamer, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Quick Recovery. Our team is looking into this issue. I would like to add your account information to my report. Please send a DM and we can talk in detail. – Jeff (Source)

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