Facebook’s Redesigned Web Interface Will Roll Out By Spring 2020


Facebook announced its revamped web interface in April last year, which features a lighter design, navigation changes, and more. The new design, which was supposed to be on trial all this time, seems to be rolling out on certain users, giving them access to the new desktop experience.

The company began to unfold this new design to a “small percentage” of users, giving them the opportunity to test the interface and provide feedback. If you are chosen for this beta test, you will see a prompt asking you to make the switch. If you don’t like the new interface, you can also revert to the old design.

Additionally, Facebook confirmed that it plans to release “The New Facebook” for everyone before spring of this year. This means that users should expect to see the new design on their account before March 19.

As for the design itself, Facebook’s redesign includes a new dark mode option on the web. Also, the default web interface design is cleaner and brighter. The goal is to make the social media platform cleaner, modern and less cluttered.

The news of Facebook bringing the revamped version of its desktop app comes at a time when the company is embroiled in controversy, battling various privacy concerns, and being targeted by government regulators and lawmakers.


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