DuckDuckGo desktop web browser in the works: a privacy-focused alternative for Google Chrome?


DuckDuckGo’s web browser for desktops is now officially in the works, touting the privacy firm, noting that it would be a privacy-focused alternative that would be a game-changer for the old options. such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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DuckDuck Go

According to the XDA Developers article, DuckDuckGo first marketed itself as a search engine that seeks to provide its users with additional privacy compared to giant tech platforms including Microsoft’s Google and Bing.

However, from there, the privacy platform expanded its services by simply trying to be an alternative to the Google search engine.

In fact, as some of you may know by now, DuckDuckGo already offers a mobile browser for users of iOS or iPhone and Android smartphones.

The DuckDuckGo’s mobile app not only displays enhanced privacy protection, but the web browser also offers email filtering and Touch ID support for Apple devices.

DuckDuckGo Desktop Web Browser

This time around, it looks like DuckDuckGo is also expanding to bring its privacy-focused experience to desktop users.

According to The Verge report, privacy search engine CEO Gabriel Weinberg announced in a blog post that DuckDuckGo will bring the mobile functionality of the web browser to the desktop.

DuckDuck Go

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The DuckDuckGo desktop web browser is now in the works, which the internet privacy company has touted as a privacy-focused alternative for browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

The DuckDuckGo executive further revealed that users of the mobile app will have a familiar look and functionality on its upcoming desktop release.

Weinberg also noted that, unlike other existing web browsers, its desktop app has “robust privacy protection” by default. This means that its users will no longer have to activate the security settings hidden among the plethora of options to be more secure.

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DuckDuckGo desktop web browser ignores chrome

On top of that, the CEO also revealed that the desktop app will not use the open source version of Google Chrome, known as Chromium, used by other web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Drave, and Vivaldi.

Instead, the boss of DuckDuckGo has stated that his desktop browser will use the rendering engine of the operating system it is installed on.

For example, it will use Edge Chromium WebView 2 for its Windows application. On the other hand, it will use Safari’s WebKit on Apple’s macOS.

The privacy firm said its first tests show that the use of the said renderers is “considerably faster” than the widely used Chrome.

XDA developers noted in the same report that DuckDuckGo’s decision to use the native Windows and Mac rendering engine helps its browser break free from security holes found on Chromium.

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