Cyemptive Web Fortress protects web servers against zero-day cyberattacks in real time


Cyemptive Technologies announced Cyemptive Web Fortress, a solution that protects web servers against zero-day cyberattacks in real time.

Unlike other solutions on the market, which only identify and work to eliminate “known” threats after they have infiltrated a system, Cyemptive Web Fortress (CWF) protects your data and web servers against cyberattacks in time. actual (including day zero) on a preemptive, immediate basis.

It is the first solution of its kind to protect against and immediately manage all types of zero-day cyberattacks, a particularly deadly cyberattack that stems from unknown security vulnerabilities.

According to industry research, zero-day attacks are particularly damaging because they originate from security vulnerabilities that are unknown or for which a patch has not yet been released and therefore cannot be identified and eliminated by server protection solutions. current websites.

With CWF, however, zero-day attacks on web servers can not only be identified in real time, but also automatically respond to and be safely restored after such an attack within seconds or minutes, the company said.

“Cyemptive Web Fortress quickly and effortlessly isolates cyberattacks from web servers, providing faster and far more effective protection for your data than anything on the market today,” said Rob Pike, Founder and CEO of Cyemptive Technologies.

“By using Cyemptive’s unique and proprietary processes, sensors, and new levels of measurement to protect web servers and the data they access, CWF is able to protect against the latest and all future zero-day cyberattacks in real time. and provides immediate automatic correction.”

CWF is based on Cyemptive’s flagship CyberSlice technology, which quickly and effortlessly isolates cyberattacks, providing faster and far more effective protection than legacy systems and anticipating and removing hacking threats in seconds.

CyberSlice responds to cyberattacks preemptively without human interface or big data analysis on terabytes of log files and without the need to learn about current threats or attacks in order to identify and eliminate them unlike other technologies on the market.

CWF is the latest product offering in Cyemptive’s suite of cybersecurity products that offers a completely different approach to security for businesses and governments. It joins Cyemptive Enterprise Scanner (CES), Cyemptive Perimeter Fortress (CPF) and Cyemptive VPN Fortress (CVF) to provide a level of cyber protection that does not exist in the market today.


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