Brave and Librewolf are the most private browsers, according to a study


For privacy-focused browsing, you should use a browser that guarantees protection and is least likely to leak information about the computer using it. A recent study concluded by – an agency that performs open source web browser privacy testing found that Brave and Librewolf are the most private browsers.

Brave and Librewolf are the most private browsers

The business model of tech bigwigs is based on observation and tracking browsing habits of their users so that they can sell highly targeted advertising space. To some extent this is acceptable, but beyond that it qualifies as intrusive. Browsers like Brave and Librewolf are designed to control this behavior.

Almost all browsers have a private mode. And unfortunately, most people assume that their browsing activity is safe when using an incognito tab. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. Private mode does not hide your actions from online third parties. Instead, it only hides your browsing history from other users of this machine.

The The report shows that Brave and Librewolf browsers outperform other browsers in tracking query parameter tests. As you navigate from one page to another, tracking companies frequently attach a tracking query parameter to the address of the second web page. This query parameter can contain a unique identifier that tracks you individually as you browse the web. These query parameters are synchronized with cookies, making them a powerful tracking vector.

Web browsers such as Brave and Librewolf browsers do not use identifiers to track IP address over time and do not share details of web pages visited with their backend servers. These features make them the most effective browsers for blocking Big Tech online surveillance.

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