Apple Gives iCloud Web Interface a Makeover – Review Geek

Danny Chadwick / Apple

A long overdue revamp makes something Apple customers could actually use.

Apple’s iCloud interface has always been a great backup resource for accessing anything related to your Apple services. However, its simple design held it back as the primary hub for using things like email, calendars, photos, cloud storage, and apps like Pages and Numbers. But all that changes with a new interface.

Earlier this week, Apple showed off a new iCloud web beta that looks and feels a whole lot better than what was before. The current iteration of the iCloud website is a simple row of icons for Apple’s cloud-based apps. Everything in the legacy version of is accessible and functional, of course. But nothing is particularly useful other than accessing your stuff when you’re away from your Mac.

Danny Chadwick's iCloud home screen in the current non-beta interface.
Danny Chadwick / Apple

The new iCloud website beta actually feels like a helpful hub with all your stuff in one centralized web location. Instead of choosing from icons and switching between windows, you have all your photos, emails, cloud storage, notes, and more. directly on the home page.

By default, the new iCloud home page places previews of your Camera Roll at the top, and a view of your Mail inbox and Drive files below. And below are your app icons and previews of your most recent notes. It’s all very convenient and gives you an overview of your items that you don’t even get on the iOS or macOS interfaces.

Everything is also highly customizable. You can rearrange tiles, remove app previews, and make the layout look exactly the way you want. The redesign will be useful for Apple users who are away from their personal computer and those who may only have an iPhone and want more convenient access to their iCloud content.


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