Android 12L brings Windows 11-style UI to Surface Duo smartphones


According to online sources, Microsoft is in the final stages of developing a major software update for Surface Duo smartphones. This is based on the Android 12L software, which is optimized to run on a mobile device with a large screen. The Redmond giant will release the update in the coming weeks.

Photo source: Future.

The report says that among the most noticeable changes in the upcoming update will be the user interface with Fluent Design elements, thanks to which the interface will match the general style of Windows 11. According to the source, this applies to various elements, such as notification panel, settings app, etc. Some blurry elements, smooth animations when using gesture controls will change, and the design of buttons and other controls will also change.

Since making the changes, the developers want users to familiarize themselves with the interface and turn the smartphone into a full-fledged companion device for Windows. The software giant wants to add the Surface Duo to the Windows PC and add other design improvements. With this, the Surface duos notification shade quick action menu will look like the Windows 11 quick actions menu, a new computer menu appearing when the Surface Slim Pen 2s button is pressed, and other changes visuals will follow.

These reports indicate that the update for Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 will be the final test. Mass distribution is expected to begin late this year or early next month.

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