A guide to optimizing a dedicated server in the UAE



When running your website online, it becomes essential to provide the best user experience. To properly optimize your hosting service’s server, you need to take all possible steps. For example, if you purchased a UAE dedicated server, this implies that your website already has a high number of visitors. Therefore, when you get high traffic, it is essential to optimize your dedicated server as soon as the expansion process starts to happen. This will result in high performance, secure database, high availability and many other beneficial aspects.

When you take effective steps to optimize your servers, you will discover great benefits. Not only will this result in great performance, but it will also have a major impact on your search engine rankings.

We will highlight the importance of optimizing your UAE Dedicated Server in this article. In addition, we will tell you how to improve your server performance using effective optimization measures.

What is the server?

To understand a server, think of it as a system or computer intended to provide your services. A server basically provides solutions, data, programs, services or resources. To accomplish this service transfer, a robust network connection is available; it will contribute to the effective transfer of services. Typically, a server always has advanced support and both the software and hardware base to operate.

Now, to better understand its methods, imagine that it is equal to a means of transport. For example, a car or a bus is used for transportation. Basically, when using these means of transport, you would want to travel from one to the other. Similarly, when a server gets used, the basic principle is to transfer services and resources. Also, different types of vehicles have different types of capacity. Likewise, different types of servers have different sets of capabilities.

Why should you optimize your server?

If you have a website for your business services, you must know how important it is to get the best web hosting service. A server is part of this service that allows you to receive high quality resources. Now, when your business begins to expand its reach or begins to attract more customers. It also becomes necessary to optimize your servers to handle the additional workload.

Therefore, to improve the functions of the server and its overall capabilities, the server optimization process is conducted. In this method, there are several actions and strategies related to computer technologies that improve the current state of your server. For example, actions such as configuring applications or software or processing data efficiently, and many other similar tasks fall under this approach. If you want to achieve the best level of separation optimization, your service provider must first stabilize the hardware components. This will ensure safer and more secure action processes.

How to optimize a UAE dedicated server?

Make sure you are using the correct version of apps

When you buy a best dedicated server hosting in UAE, you will have the authority and the power to select your applications and software. Many users using a server will also try to implement functions on pre-installed applications. Often these applications are already attached to servers during the purchasing process. However, this aspect is not always suitable for everyone. When you use a dedicated server, you must have the base of the right applications with the most recent versions.

Now there is another component at this point. Many users do not recognize the difference between default apps and other app versions. When looking to optimize your UAE Dedicated Server, be advised to familiarize yourself with all the essentials of your server. When you encounter speed-related issues, try to fix them with:

  • By adjusting or improving the setting of incoming traffic volumes to the website.
  • Also, to get higher performance levels, enable the cache feature on your website.

When using the default applications provided by the service provider, make sure to implement at least these methods mentioned above.

Enable caching service on your site

When looking for the best approaches to server optimization, caching stands out as the best technique. This will help you get better page load times and responsiveness. With the help of caching, your website on a dedicated server in UAE will perform at its best. Each time a new visitor approaches your site, caching will enable a faster function of forwarding requests to view content on the page. You can easily enable this process by:

  • Enabling Opcode Cache: It is an essential option for your website. If your platform includes complex programs such as Drupal or Magento, this will help you perform better. Compiling previous page requests will help speed up page load times.
  • Enable memory cache: When you enable in-memory caching, you will benefit from services that promote faster data processing. Basically, on a memory cache, there is a collection of data which is stored for your use. Therefore, when a visitor requests specific data, it is delivered much faster.
  • Enabling HTTP caching: This is somewhat different from the memory cache. Here, rather than using stored collection data, it uses the full HTML page to provide better results. This is a handy approach for websites that review high traffic or work with complex software.
  • Enable application cache: For large functions in apps and software, this will help provide faster responses. All the above ideas are effectively combined in it.

For your UAE Dedicated Servers, one of the mentioned methods may provide better server performance.

Organize your database optimally

Every website active online will incorporate a database that stores critical information. It can include things like content, page information, and other key data. Now, when you operate your website or make changes to pages, these activities can leave gaps in data collection. In other words, these changes can lead to data fragmentation. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have regular monitoring on the database. This will help you correct any gaps or inconsistencies in your stored information.

Improve database settings

As your website gains more traffic, the database executes more queries. Also, when you install an application or run new software, the database will be affected by these changes. Therefore, when several changes are made to the database, your website performance will eventually decrease.

In other words, your CPU or storage space will start experiencing issues caused by heavy workloads. To avoid this completely, be sure to make regular changes to the database setting to meet current needs. Also, always stay aware of memory consumption, page load times and sudden lags, these factors can indicate server optimization demand.

Try to solve the problem associated with DNS response time

Your page load time is an essential aspect of DNS response time. When you experience slow page load time, it can highlight the issue with your DNS services. Generally, distance is the main factor in this problem. When a DNS server is located far away, it can create problems in providing a faster response rate.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to get service from distributed DNS systems. For your dedicated server hosting in the United Arab Emirates, you should improve your DNS issues by:

  • Consider using a service that provides access to servers in many parts of the world.
  • Also make sure you have a backup service for your current DNS server.

Which Hosting Provider Offers Fully Optimized Dedicated Server in UAE

Which Hosting Provider Offers Fully Optimized Dedicated Server in UAE

When you want to get the best results from your web hosting service, you look for more advanced solutions. However, when it comes to server optimization techniques, you have already familiarized yourself with the problem that requires your attention. Now, if there is a chance to eliminate these processes, we advise you to take it without a second thought.

A reliable web hosting provider is the key to receiving a cheap UAE dedicated server. Therefore, with this consideration, Hostbillo’s dedicated server in UAE will give you the best experience. They assure their customer of the quality of service level by providing enhanced resources and tools. When looking for a better dedicated hosting setup, let us assure you of Hostbillo’s service.

With Hostbillo, you can get a fully optimized, highly functional and secure dedicated server with great tools. Your website will run faster and provide excellent response time using Hostbill’s world-class technologies. Not only are their services offered top-notch, but they also manage to offer reasonably priced plans to suit your budget. The advantages of Hostbillo’s dedicated server in UAE include:

  • 7 day refund policy
  • 24/7 technical support
  • DDoS Prevention
  • SSL certificates
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • Flexible resources
  • Installation free of charge
  • Easy website migration and much more.


As a website owner, you need to understand the importance of getting the best services, so that you can in turn provide high quality service to your customers. A positive user experience is quite essential for you to operate for a long time. Therefore, your web hosting service and server must provide excellent performance at all times. This article aimed to provide key actions that can be applied to optimize your UAE Dedicated Server.

We believe that if you receive high quality service from a trusted source in the first place, all your concerns about server performance will be eliminated. For your dedicated server in UAE, Hostbillo will provide high quality service and the most advanced tools that enable faster performance. With their essential service, your website will remain available with a high uptime of 99.90%, moreover, there will be no downtime.

Discover the official Hostbillo platform whenever you have free time. If you want services from a fully optimized dedicated server, Hostbillo stands out as the best place to get huge benefits.


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