5 Best Browsers That Support Kibana [Ranked by Compatibility]


Choose a fast browser that protects your privacy

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  • Kibana can be understood as the user interface to monitor, manage and secure an Elastic Stack cluster.
  • It only works with Elasticsearch. For this reason, it does not support any other data source.
  • This article contains the list of browsers supported by Kibana. Do not hesitate to make a choice.

Kibana browser support


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Kibana is a data visualization and exploration tool that records use cases for analytics, application monitoring, and operational intelligence. It offers powerful and easy to use features such as bar charts, line charts, pie charts, etc.

Kibana is the user interface for monitoring, managing, and securing an Elastic Stack cluster.

However, there are some things to check before choosing a browser to use Kibana. Keep reading this article to learn which browsers Kibana supports.

Is Kibana only for Elasticsearch?

Yes, Kibana only works with Elasticsearch. For this reason, it does not support any other data source. It needs to switch to the ELK stack to collect data from other sources and apply Kibana.

What web server does Kibana use?

Kibana uses the Elasticsearch REST API. As we know, Kibana is a best Node.JS application and works standalone. sometimes it allows to run Elasticsearch under Jboss after repackaging it.

Kibana 4.0 is written in Node.JS but builds on different libraries to serve HTTP traffic. Additionally, Kibana comes with a Node.JS distribution, so there are fewer external dependencies during deployment.

What are the best browsers that support Kibana?


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