10 must-have Chrome extensions for a web developer


When it comes to developing applications from scratch or working on an existing application, the process is not as structured as it seems in tutorials or how-to guides. One encounters various errors and obstacles that may take days to overcome. Issues can range from choosing the right tint for aesthetics to ensuring the correct API calls are made when needed.

To ensure that this process can be as simple as possible, tools are built with these issues in mind and these tools can be easy to use and configure in the form of browser extensions that remove the hurdle installation steps and just let you get your Work done. Here are 10 Chrome extensions a developer must try!

Requestly is a testing and debugging tool for front-end developers and QAs. Using Requestly, developers can mock different API responses, debug JS in production, and more. QAs and Customer Support use Requestly to report bugs with video, console logs, and network logs to allow developers to debug issues efficiently. Requestly is available on all major browsers and also supports debugging on Android and IOS. One of the highest rated extensions on Chrome Store.

This extension is a toolkit for developers. It gives you the option to disable JS, play with cookies, highlight various CSS properties on your page, enable auto-completion in forms, emphasize certain parts of the webpage to solve any problems, etc. It is equipped to help you make your page responsive.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Wappalyzer is designed to help you find the underlying technologies of web pages. If there is a landing page that you love, just go to that page and you can check what kind of JS or CSS framework is used to create it. In addition to that, it also displays the analytics track used, issue trackers, platform used for the page, etc.

It can be used for competitor research, lead generation, etc.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and major CRMs.

This extension has become the go-to development tool for cross-browser testing. It allows you to test your web and mobile applications in different browsers simply from their application.

Also, for mobile apps, it uses its data centers to provide a real test device rather than an emulator. It also has a separate extension for testing on Internet Explorer.

Available for all browsers.

Amino lets you edit your page’s CSS like you would in any editor. This is different from editing in the DevTools tab because they save your stylesheet and are applied each time you open the page. You can also style the pages according to their domains or specific URLs.

Available for Chrome.

This extension is designed to make internet browsing as private as possible. It lets you decide whether a site should have access to your personal data, provides anti-tracking and removes your data points, smart navigation to prevent trackers from affecting website performance, and more.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera.

Check My Links is a browser extension used to check if all the links on your web page are working properly. As seen in the image, it categorizes the links and highlights them according to their category on the page to make it easier for the developer to identify the broken ones.

Available for Chrome.

The React Developer Tools are designed to help you debug a React application. When the plugin is installed and a site is using React, the plugin is highlighted and you can find the “Components” and “Profiler” tabs in the developer tools. The Components tab displays the application tree and the Profiler tab allows performance recording.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

This extension is designed for SEO, security and speed testing of your website. It helps to recognize broken links and duplicate content, helps with secure password forms, minifies CSS and JS for better speed, avoids render blocking scripts and gives the report as shown in the image.

Available for Chrome.

This extension lets you preview the file structure of a GitHub repository in a small side panel, saving you time and helping you get the job done more efficiently. It also provides the ability to review pull requests, search the repository, bookmark, and more.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari.

These are just 10 of hundreds of other extensions that exist to solve these problems and many more. I hope you will try at least one from this list and it will make your work a bit faster and more efficient.

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