3 tips for HR to facilitate payday loans to employees

by Louise Clayton

The paycheck loan can be a great alternative for those who need a credit to settle debts or fulfill a dream.

Today, millions of Brazilians are in a difficult financial situation and access to credit is the way these people find themselves out of it.

There is a payday loan modality for employees of private companies, but many still have doubts about how it works and how to help the employee at that time.

In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how HR can act to facilitate employee access to a loan. Look.

What is a payday loan?

What is a payroll loan?

This is a type of credit that can be requested by employees of a specific organization. In fact, it works for retirees, pensioners, civil servants and employees of the private sector, but we will focus on the latter.

Companies enter into an agreement with certain banks and institutions and offer this type of credit to employees.

The installments are deducted from the payroll and passed on to the banks, according to the payment method chosen.

We must remember that the interest rates of this modality are lower than those of traditional loans.

What can the Human Resources sector do to help?


  • Access to information

Passing on all relevant information to the employee is a great help.

Many people, in the time of despair, apply for credit without knowing for sure what they are doing and for this reason, it is very important if the HR sector can help.

Take the employee’s doubts about the form of payment so that there is no doubt.

  • Give financial education tips

Currently, on the internet, there are numerous financial education courses that can be accessed for free. Refer some to employees and encourage them to practice this.

It is extremely important to prevent more debts from arising in the middle of the road.

  • Show the best options

HR can show employees what are the best options when choosing which institution will provide the loan.

Make an analysis of the amount of installments and interest charged for each of them. After that, show the employee all the results and help him identify which one best fits his situation.

Advantages and benefits of taking a payday loan?

Advantages and benefits of taking a payroll loan?

1. Fast credit and no paperwork. It does not require the presentation of numerous documents, just the basics.

2. The fees are fixed and the employee will not have any unpleasant surprises when receiving his payment, after all, the values ​​are informed at the time of hiring.

3. It has the lowest interest rate on the market. It is a great option for those who cannot compromise their monthly income.

4. This modality prevents the consumer from defaulting, as the amount is automatically deducted from his payment.

5. Payments are made on a fixed date and already discounted. Therefore, the customer does not need to be concerned about receiving some form of payment slip or facing a queue to make payment.

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